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Young Plus Anti-Ageing Cream

Prevents formation of melanin by acting on tyrosinase.Improves elasticity of the skin.Maintains skin moisture,Delays ageing.Increases Ceramide & free fatty acid levels in the skin.Prevents skin from losing water content.smoothens the skin.

Moisturizes dry skin,healscracked skin.Promotes healing of the issues.

Reduces main wrinkle depth(-15%)and voulume(-18%).Reduction in roghness(-14%).Reduction in complexity(-16%).Increases skin tone(+15).Boosts cell regenration & oxygenation.Antibacterial property.prevents UV damage to skin.Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Product Catalogue

PANTHENOL : Prevents formation of melanin by acting on tyrosinase Improves elasticity of the skin Maintains skin moisture, Delays ageing Increases ceramide & free fatty acid levels in the skin

ISO-Clover Composition:

1)Red Clover 100 mg
2)Soy Isoflavones 40% 30mg
3)Calcium Citrate 500 mg
4)Black Cohosh 20 mg Dosage:
5)Vitamin E 50 IU Tra Peri